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Opalis Integration Server - Community Releases

This project contains integrations and workflows for Opalis Integration Server that are released by the Microsoft Opalis team. Releasing these integrations via CodePlex allows the team to provide the community with a way to get new integrations more frequently than waiting for new product releases. Watch this site and our TechNet TechCenter for ongoing updates!

New to Opalis? Get Started with these Resources

  1. See the Opalis Survival Guide on TechNet Wiki 
  2. Download the latest product version  (includes Integration Packs)
  3. View the Product Documentation
  4. Join in the Conversation in the Forums
  5. Read the Opalis Team Blog
  6. Visit the TechNet Gallery to find Opalis integrations
  7. Find additional Resources


What's On This Site?

Sample Workflows from the Blog

Community-Developed Integration Packs

Opalis-Related Tools and Utilities

Custom Development Examples

Best Practice Guides & Samples

Downloadable Source Code


Other Opalis-Related Projects on CodePlex


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