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OIS Logging: Missing Data in object results


I have a kinda strange behavior. Some of the success/warning/failed objects do not correctly return the data that was put into them
When using the input from "Result - Custom Field 0x" variables sometimes (haven't found a way to reproduce yet) the returned value is NULL, when the "Input - Custom Field 0x" value is actually existing data. The strange thing is: this only affects the Return for Custom Fields that have a corresponding input set.
So when changing Custom Field 03, sometimes the Return for Custom Field 03 is NULL where Custom Field 01 and 02 which have not been changed by the object actually return valid data.
It's not transparent for me when this happens or what the trigger is, as the objects and Custom Fields with the same Global Condiguration work in other policies just fine.
As a workaround I'm currently using the value from "Input - Custom Field 0x" on the databus for my next OIS Logging Object input, well knowing that this gives me only valid data to use if the value in the database has not been changed while my policy is between OIS objects.